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"Thank you Short Term Apartment Rentals for the comfortable stay. The apartment is bright and clean. Will certainly come back and recommend to friends and colleagues!"
"Our extended stay in Mascot was fabulous! It was such a hassle-free stay with you guys especially with the flexibility to extend that helps my family a lot in house hunting and moving house period. Thank you!"
Up to 10% off if guests stay with us over 3 months

Accommodation Hot Deals

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Chatswood Silkari

From $220.00 ~ $500.00
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Stunning Bay view 4 bedrooms condo

From $500.00 ~ $1000.00
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Why Use Sydney Short Term Rentals?

We are professionals in hospitality business. we always aim to deliver an outstanding, high end, immaculate and exceptionally professional service to our guests at a fraction of normal hotel cost. Hence we started this new apartment hotel business. We value long term relationship with our guests hence will provide complimentary airport drop off service with luxurious SUV (Audi Q7, BMW X5 or Tesla Cybertruck equivalent) to our clients who stay 14 nights or more with us - subject to availability For guests who stay with us for 28 nights or more, we will further provide complimentary airport pick up service (Audi Q7, BMW X5 or Tesla Cybertruck equivalent) with hassle free check-in service (dedicated stuff from airport pick up to apartment check in).

Sydney Short Term Apartment Rentals, we have a wide range of furnished accommodation choices to suit your budget and requirements during your stay. From 1 bedroom apartment to 5 bedrooms apartment, we can always meet your requirement in a short notice of time! Fully furnished and all bills included, it will just be as luxury as a 5 star hotel, however with stunning views, fractional of cost and huge living spaces. Our Furnished apartments and holiday accommodation properties are conveniently located throughout Sydney. Just reach out to us if you need any accommodation solutions!

Are you looking for a stay that offers flexibility, affordability, and a local experience? Sydney Short Term Rentals might be the perfect solution. We are the beckon, promising not just accommodation but a unique way to immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this iconic city. We embark on a journey to explore the myriad benefits, discover the best rental options Sydney has to offer, and unveil convenient short-term choices near you. Your ideal stay in Sydney starts here.

Sydney Short Term Rentals:

Definition and Features: Short-term rentals provide a home away from home for travelers and those in need of temporary accommodation. These accommodations offer a unique blend of comfort and independence, making them an increasingly popular choice. Far beyond mere lodgings, they provide a canvas for crafting your narrative within the tapestry of Sydney's culture. Tailor your stay duration, adapting it to the rhythm of your journey.


  • Flexibility: Tailor your stay to your schedule, whether it's a weekend getaway or a month-long exploration.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Often more budget-friendly than traditional accommodations, allowing you to allocate more resources to experiences.
  • Local Experience: Immerse yourself in the neighborhoods of Sydney, enjoying local amenities and cultural richness.

Popular Areas in Sydney: Each Sydney neighborhood tells a different story. Surry Hills buzzes with creativity, Darling Harbour captivates with its waterfront allure, and Bondi Beach offers a laid-back coastal escape. Your short-term rental becomes not just a place to stay but a portal to the heart of Sydney.

Best Rental Option in Sydney:

Criteria for the "Best" Option:

  • Proximity: Conveniently located near key attractions, ensuring you spend more time exploring and less time commuting.
  • Affordability: Striking a balance between cost and quality, allowing you to experience Sydney without breaking the bank.
  • Amenities and Services: From Wi-Fi to well-equipped kitchens, the best rentals provide the comforts of home.
  • Positive Reviews: Real feedback from previous guests, a testament to the accommodation's quality and service.

Featured Rentals: Discover top-rated short-term rentals, complete with images, key features, and pricing information. These options exemplify the best in Sydney hospitality.

Short-Term Rental Options Near Me:

Importance of Proximity: Having a short term rental option near you adds a layer of convenience, especially for spontaneous trips or last-minute plans.

Using Location-Based Services:  Explore tools and websites that help you find short-term rentals in your immediate vicinity. Use search filters effectively to discover the best options near you.

How to Book:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Explore Rental Options: Browse through a variety of short-term rentals, filtering based on your preferences.
  • Check Availability: Ensure your chosen dates align with the rental's availability.
  • Read Reviews: Gain insights from previous guests to make an informed decision.
  • Confirm Booking Details: Double-check all details before finalizing your reservation.
  • Enjoy Your Stay: Immerse yourself in the unique experience only a short-term rental can offer.

Sydney Short Term Rentals elevate your stay from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you opt for the best rental option in Sydney or choose a convenient spot near you, these accommodations promise more than just a bed – they offer an intimate connection to the heart of Sydney.

Ready to embark on your short-term rental adventure? Start your search for the perfect stay in Sydney or explore nearby options. Begin your journey here.